Blowing the Lid off Weekly Options - the recording

Find below a recording of the presentation from yesterdays exciting Blowing the Lid off Weekly Options’ Webinar session.

For those of you keen to learn more about the opportunity presented and enroll in the course joining those who are already on board (begins MONDAY) then click here


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PS for your information..

Further to the 4 trades discussed on the webinar, as it IS expiry day, for the weekly options trades open,  the returns discussed are looking solid at….

GLD – Bear Call Spread @45%

HAL – Bull Call Spread @14%

SLB – Bull Call spread @ 33%

WFC – Bull Call spread @ 40%

 ALL entered in the last week and are likely to give us our maximum profit as above.


Any further question please mail

Thank you for you interest, support and participation.

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