Hawkeye Indicators

Hawkeye Volume

Add THE leading indicator to your trading

Shows level of trading activity and whether volume is buying or selling pressure. Volume is THE leading indicator as is crucial to making consistently good trading decisions.

The Hawkeye Trend

Powerful "front of the queue" trend identification

Shows the direction AND changes in market sentiment for potential entry/exit. Have the opportunity be at the front of the queue when a new trend forms and have a timely exit.

The Hawkeye Heatmap

Visual guidance of the underlying strength of a new trend

Illustrates current market sentiment and momentum across different trend speeds. Shows the relative strength of a trend to assist in the confirmation of a potential high probability opportunity.

Hawkeye Pivots

Know when the market is likely to turn

Shows potential turning points in the market including the potential for a entering a period of congestion.  Multiple pivots around the same price point may indicate establishing support/resistance. May guide entry and profit taking decision making.

Hawkeye ATR levels

Pre-planned exits decisions with confidence

A method of trailing a stop that takes into account the volatility of a particular instrument. Offers guidance as to how to lock in profits in a winning position.

The Hawkeye Widebar

Know when a big move is likely to result in short term price instability

Demonstrates a large increase in last price bar volatility. Shows potential for short term price instability. Rules of use offer guidance as to when price stability is confirmed and entry can be considered

The Hawkeye ADDS indicator

Accumulate into winning positions with confidence

Also known as the "Profit Accelerator", the Hawkeye ADDS indicator identifies specific price points where it appears as though a trend is likely to continue. This allows you to accumulate (increase position size) into a trending winning position.

And there is more....

Additional Hawkeye Tools to Enhance your Trading Decisions

We have chosen the MAJOR indicators above, used primarily in an options trading context ...there are other indicators that are part of the Hawkeye suite of trading tools and as you develop into your trading you will learn how to integrate these also into your decision making.


AND How Awesome would it be to add these features to your trading experience...
- Scanning the WHOLE market in minutes to find potential Hawkeye opportunities with The Market Analyzer or Radarscreen - This gives you REAL trading POWER
- Knowing with certainty across ALL the major Indices whether the state of Advancers Versus Decliners is in your trading favor with Hawkeye KISS
- Be able to hone in on the exact charts to view if INTRA-DAY trading options with Hawkeye NDX Gears
- See leading indicators across multiple time-frames with the unique Hawkeye Roadkill

AND If you are trading multiple vehicles and are NEW to Hawkeye e.g. Forex or futures, there is even more power at your fingertips with additional tools specific to those instruments.

Hawkeye Software

Hawkeye - The ENGINE behind your trading decisions


Find out more about what's included and how your Hawkeye Software experience that could change the way you invest AND your results for a lifetime of trading.