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Be an Options "Turtle" - Accelerating Profit by Acccumulating in Bought Call and Put trades

Accumulating in Directional Options Positions Although commonplace in stocks both with institutional and retail investors, there is little written about the potential of adding to directional (i.e. bought call and bought put) options positions after initial trade entry. The famous “Turtles” used accumulation as a major part of their trading , so why shouldn’t you? […]

6 Capital-Destroying Positive Thinking Traits (warning: turn your sensitivity meter down a little!)

Much has been written about the power of positive thinking, but based in mis-placed trading optimism and hope, these are the 6 most common damaging “positive” ways we can adopt to ensure we deliver consistent donations to the market rather than to your trading account. Your Mission as you read: a. How many ticks can […]

The Pareto principle (or 80/20 rule to most of the English speaking world) applied to trading

Here’s an interesting thought if you subscribe to the 80/20 rule applied to trading… (See if this is a new idea to you) It is generally accepted (and quoted) the 80% of your success as a trader is about managing your psychology and the decision-making that underpins your trading, the other 20% being what […]