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Mastering the 3 types of exit for confidence with directional options trading (or for any other trading vehicle really!)

( BLOGQUIZ POST) Exits, Exits, Exits…. Although they may not be as ‘sexy’ as looking for an entry, being able to exit in a timely and appropriate manner IS the indisputable truth of how traders make money. Clearly MOST of the principles covered here are applicable for any trading vehicle, there are a couple of […]

Why a trading win/loss ratio is the WRONG figure to focus on (and 253 reasons why you shouldn’t)

Ok let’s start with the bottom line number. Since it’s inception 8 months ago the transparent Hawkeye directional options portfolio has produced a return on investment of 253%. 55 trades have been entered during this period and turned a $10K figure into $35,300 (see below for individual trade results). I guess you are looking for […]

5 Reasons this Earnings Season could mean a continuation of the current Bull Market

It’s that time again!! Companies are in the process of revealing what has, is and may happen as they unleash their reports onto a waiting investing world. Market pessimism about this earnings season, and therefore the legitimacy of current company valuations reflected in stock prices, have undoubtedly been one of the major factors in the […]

Why it’s your fault you are throwing away time AND opportunity with every trading article you read.

One of the courses I run on an intermittent basis is “time management for investors”, and without fail one of the major draws on the time people allocate to trading is the additional reading of websites, articles, emails and watching “financial TV” or videos on top of their more direct trading activities. Now here is […]

Forex - Foreplay for real trading?

  Forex – Foreplay for real trading? I can almost feel the twitch and the tip-tap of keys on your laptop at that title; ready to damn and drown the writer of such an outrageous suggestion with a flood of vitreous comments. Before you damn this messenger to the financial market’s version of hell, perhaps […]