Why it’s your fault you are throwing away time AND opportunity with every trading article you read.

One of the courses I run on an intermittent basis is “time management for investors”, and without fail one of the major draws on the time people allocate to trading is the additional reading of websites, articles, emails and watching “financial TV” or videos on top of their more direct trading activities. Now here is […]

Be an Options "Turtle" - Accelerating Profit by Acccumulating in Bought Call and Put trades

Accumulating in Directional Options Positions Although commonplace in stocks both with institutional and retail investors, there is little written about the potential of adding to directional (i.e. bought call and bought put) options positions after initial trade entry. The famous “Turtles” used accumulation as a major part of their trading , so why shouldn’t you? […]

Forex - Foreplay for real trading?

  Forex – Foreplay for real trading? I can almost feel the twitch and the tip-tap of keys on your laptop at that title; ready to damn and drown the writer of such an outrageous suggestion with a flood of vitreous comments. Before you damn this messenger to the financial market’s version of hell, perhaps […]