About Us

Mike Smith

Seasoned Trader, Educator, & Conference Speaker

Mike is a seasoned trader across all trading vehicles, with an extraordinary passion for delivering education that makes a difference and seeing those he works with succeed at the highest level.

Although much his work in an educational context is on strategy and system development, he particularly excels in the teaching related to all aspects of optimum trading decision-making processes, how knowledge, advanced thinking, and emotion inter-relate to create results.

If these are appropriately studied, nurtured and developed, you CAN have in place the most crucial part of your trading toolbox, to enable you to achieve consistency, confidence and discipline which are paramount for trading success.

Established conference speaker and having worked with many trading organizations and offering his expertise to a number of educational companies, his unique approach to optimizing learning and that desire to see REAL change for client good is his obvious drive.

Nigel Hawkes

Owner & Founder, Hawkeye Traders

Nigel's trading experience and expertise is undeniable. All of those who come across what he teaches and the Hawkeye software he has developed are in no doubt of his passion not just for trading for himself but passing on crucial and trade-changing knowledge to others.

This gives YOU the chance and gift to develop the success trading financial markets that IS possible providing of course the right tools are being used.

His expertise and study into how markets REALLY work is at the basis of Hawkeye and this evolved decision-making product along with the unparallelled support Hawkeye clients receive has served many traders well over the years.

Surrounding himself with experts in ALL trading vehicles and through employing the awesome talents of CEO Randy Lindsey, prospective Hawkeye clients have an undoubted opportunity to join the thousands of existing Hawkeye users around the globe to access to POWER of Hawkeye indicators.