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STOP PRESS! July 19th..latest portfolio ROI ...JAWS 142%(in 11 mths) ..Barracuda 252% (10 mths) Weekly's 29% (3 mths)!

The only way to have the sustained results you know are possible in trading is to have the right tools, right systems and the right behaviors in place. The synergy of Hawkeye trading software and options trading will give you:

  • The confidence in decision making to develop consistency. The is the key to trading success. Although past performance is no guarantee, you only need look at the out transparent results to see the potential of what you could be doing with Hawkeye and options. The only options trading and training system that uses LEADING not LAGGING indicators
  • 3 dynamite major strategies including the Hawkeye JAWS (which you wil not find anywhere esle), BARRACUDA and STINGRAY to fit all types of investing styles. With our unique approach to 'Education in Action', see, experience. learn and receive the support you need to earn as you learn in the reality of the market.
  • It is a choice of course, you could continue what you are doing now with the results that you are getting and wonder what he power of Hawkeye Options could have done for you.

For those of you who want to know more, we are delighted to offer the chance to do so at our trading rooms, the BARRACUDA trial and of course through the course we offer.

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Be top of the Options trading feeding chain

Feed on the market for monthly (or weekly) income, having the sleep at night factor of protection and NO MONEY DOWN for your share position


Prey on the market with directional trading

Make your decisions with the killer instinct of a professional trader to lock in profits and manage risk on every trade


protect and profit in your retirement fund for a lifetime

Remove the concerns of your valuable nest-egg being taken away and have the market pay for your protection so you can focus on PROFIT