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You can take your limiting beliefs re. your trading and stick ‘em

I thought I’d heard them all, BUT there is a NEW excuse on the block…I blame the personal development guys for this one! So, there have - and always will be - a heap of excuses for why people don’t do well in their trading. “It’s too hard to learn”; “I didn’t have the time to […]

The changing risk profile of a trade after entry

Most traders who are committed enough to attempt any sort of learning at all in their efforts to become consistently successful will adhere to the principle of having an initial stop loss. Those enlightened ones who have a system in place to effectively position size on a particular trade (i.e. identify how many of a […]

Are you appropriately aroused for peak trading performance?

There is NO such thing as emotionless trading AND it’s a damn good thing too as far as I am concerned. I want you to: Have an exciting, compelling trading purpose that drives you to do the hard yards with your learning Be motivated to do your due diligence and make sure you have ticked […]